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References are a great tool to validate your accomplishments and are necessary to get a job in today’s market. ALL companies are requiring references. You must be prepared to provide them even for a temporary assignment. Below is a link to all of our forms, including the Professional References form. Please print a copy, fill it out and submit it to any recruiter with your resume prior to coming for an appointment.

The easier you make it for a company and/or a recruiter to check your references the better your chances are to getting the job you want.  Having well organized references shows your organization skills, your ability to think ahead, your initiative and your attention to detail; all the hot buttons companies are looking for in a new hire. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Talk and keep in touch with all your past managers and make sure they are aware that you are using them as a reference. Know what to expect from a reference. Your managers will change jobs just like you so it is important to stay in touch so you know where they are when you need them.
  • Some companies have a policy to not give out references. First of all you should know this before you give out this information to a potential employer. It is also your responsibility to find ways to over come this potential problem. Here are some examples; keep copies of your last review(s) with your manager’s signature, at the time of a promotion or award ask for a written copy of the promotion or award and a short letter or note regarding the promotion or award, use an auditor who knows your work or get names of people who worked with you at the company but are no longer there.
  • Your reference list should have your last three managers you reported to, at least one pier you worked with and at least one person who reported to you if applicable. You should have their name, phone number(s) and if possible an email address. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible to contact your references.

Visit our Forms/Links page to print a copy of the Professional References form.

Background Checks

In today’s competitive market, more companies are requiring background checks done on new hires. You should always be prepared for a background check. Some of the background checks that you will see are degree/certifications verification, DMV, criminal, credit, personality and/or drug. With any background checks it is always the best practice to be up front and honest about anything that might come up regarding your background.

Degree verifications can sometimes be difficult if there has been a name change or if the degree is out of the US. The best solution to this is to always have a copy of your degree(s) as well as any certifications or training certificates.

Some of our clients require background checks. Visit our Forms/Links page to print a copy of the Consumer Background Report Authorization and Liability Release form.