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Client Services

Our goal is to provide the highest level of value for your investment. We provide this value by removing the burden from your hiring managers by identifying, screening, and assessing candidates based off of your particular requirements. This is done by having a comprehensive understanding of your job requirements, qualifications and corporate culture. Our extra time immersed into your company is how we can guarantee our success and explains why our staff is able to sustain in the staffing industry for years. You get the value, resources, and expertise of an executive search firm for the same price that you would pay a general recruiting agency.   As part of our commitment to partnership and providing value, view our exceptional guarantees.

The Difference

At Accounting Resources, Inc. our experienced recruiters understand the need to identify and retain top talent in a competitive economy. To ensure this our recruiters maintain an extensive network of accounting and finance professionals throughout the Bay Area. Coupled with this strong network, we strive for an understanding of the hiring manager’s objectives then matching them with those of the potential candidate. In doing so, we recognize that it is simply not enough to have recruiters with accounting and finance experience in their backgrounds, but also the ability to evaluate an individual’s ability beyond what might be on their resume.

Our multi-tiered hiring process, reference checks, and evaluation of potential candidates’, all reveal critical details. These details (information about their work habits, their thought process, their career track record, and their ability to meet your organization’s expectations) are often overlooked. Matching potential candidates and satisfying your company’s needs requires a unique combination of recruiting skills: an extensive knowledge of accounting and finance, as well as the ability to evaluate the intangibles that make someone a good fit. This combination is the most important of Accounting Resources, Inc. strategic objectives….and is the cornerstone of our success.

    Why Accounting Resources

  • Focused line of business
  • Certified Woman Owned Business
  • Contingent fee structure
  • Strong network with Accounting and Finance professionals
  • Seasoned recruiters (knowledge in accounting/finance, recruiting and evaluating intangibles)
  • Full range of services (Temporary, Temporary to Direct and Direct Hire)
  • Payroll services for any department
  • Successful multi-tiered hiring process

    Consider a consultant as a staffing strategy

  • Temporary coverage to sustain work load until head count is approved
  • Special project requiring a specific skill set
  • Maternity leave
  • Losing staff due to excessive overtime and/or low employee moral
  • Upcoming vacation coverage
  • Computer conversion
  • Fiscal year end preparations
  • Budget precludes hiring of additional permanent staff
  • Getting caught up while relieving your top performers
  • Frequently missed project deadlines