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Counter offers are one of the most misunderstood turns candidates experience in their job search. Most candidates feel flattered when they receive a counter offer and feel they are being recognized for all of their hard work, commitment and dedication to the company. However, the reality most often is they were not recognized for all of their hard work, commitment and dedication until they decided to leave. There have been countless articles written about this subject that talk about all the reason why counter offers never work in the favor of the candidate (you). Here are a couple of questions you should consider when you receive a counter offer.

  • If I am worth a raise today, why was I not given the raise yesterday before my resignation?
  • Is the money the real reason why I am not happy working here? Or, are there other, more significant reasons?
  • Where is the money for the counter offer coming from? Is it next year’s raise?
  • Will the raise make me happy and improve my morale?
  • Now that my employer is aware that I am unhappy, will my loyalty and productivity be in question?
  • If I decide to accept the raise and stay with the company, will my original resignation affect my chances in the next promotion opportunity? Will it make me vulnerable if cutbacks occur?

Points to Consider:

  • Statistics show that 85% of those who take counteroffers are no longer at their firm one year later, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • The same circumstances that caused you to consider leaving will likely recur in the future.
  • Your company is likely to begin looking – immediately – for your replacement to prevent being vulnerability.
  • Studies show that job satisfaction is achieved through factors other then compensation alone.